wood floor restoration
Complete process of wood floor restoration

Wood Floor cleaning and restoration service.

Why you may need wood floor restoration? Wood floors add atmosphere and warmth to a room. They often increase the value of a property too. However that is, of course when they receive the care they demand.

Whether you’ve painted a wood floor, finished it badly, scratched it, or neglected it in some other way. Or your hardwood floor was maintained properly. Then its best to turn to an expert to restore it properly.
A clean floor is indicative of a clean room and building. A dirty floor can make everything else in your home or building look dirty, even if it is not. If your floors are hard to clean, hard to keep clean, or are simply due for a thorough cleaning. Then professional floor cleaning and restoration services are the best option. Whether you need routine cleanings or simply want to restore dirty floors to their former glory, our floor cleaning services can help.

For our clients in whole great area of London requiring wood floor restoration, we at Floor Sanding & Polishing offer a one-stop solution by highly experienced craftsmen. While the process varies from client to client depending on the state of the floor, it typically includes the following  stages.

Our approach for great wood floor restoration service:

A mop and bucket simply cannot do the work that our professional services, products, and tools can. Stains, dirt, grime, even if it is weeks, months, or years old is simply no match for our floor cleaning team.

Thus, when booking our professional floorboard sanding and restoring services, you can expect the following stages of the service:

Full accesment of the current floor condition, preparation and thorough cleaning

We start by assessing the floor to determine whether it simply needs a professional cleaning or whether there is damage that sanding and finishing can address. In the latter case. We suggest a plan for action and a cost estimate. Then it’s up to the client to decide whether they want to proceed.

The cleaning procedure includes, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any debris. If necessary, we clean the floor with special floor cleaning agents used specifically for the cleaning of wood floors to remove any grits from the surface, which is particularly important if we’re going to buff or sand the floor.


Floor Buffing and Polishing

Floor buffing, also known as polishing, gives the floor a delicate light sanding. It’s very useful if you want to gently remove the floor’s top layer and thus, to expose the original finish underneath it. Then we can have better look on the actual condition of the hardwood floor.



Vaccuming, Reassessment and Reexamination

The buffing procedure leaves the floor covered in a layer of fine dust that dulls the floor’s appearance. To revive the floor’s beauty and to better assess its condition. We remove that dusty layer. The most effective method to do this is by using a special vacuum cleaner with a suitable, soft attachment that won’t scratch the floor any further.

By reassessing the floor’s condition, we can determine what further work we need to do. For example, if we see the finish has suffered damage or discover gaps between the floor boards, we should address them accordingly. Please note that we will keep you updated of the process between the stages.


Proper sanding and Gap filling

The actual sanding process is conducted in this stage. If there is a need for filling the gaps our team fix it for you. And the good news is that you do not have to worry about the dust, as we use dustless floor sanders.

In the case of stains on the finish or on the surface of the floor, we proceed with patchy or scratched sanding. If we discover gaps between the floor boards, we explain the repair options to our client and, if warranted, we fill these gaps.



Finishing Touches and Floor Varnishing

The Wood floor varnish is the last procedure. We would like to make sure that your floor is covered and looking like new for longer period of time. That’s why we add 3 coats of heavy duty varnish. And the great thing about it is, that you can choose the “final look”. For example you can go for anything between “satin” or “high gloss” finish. It is all up to you.

We always try to go an extra mile to provide our customers with the best service. That’s why at the end of the service we will advise you how to properly take care and maintain your floor. If you have special type of floor, our team may leave special cleaning detergents Free of charge!

Preparation for cleaning and restoring of wooden floor
Completely restored wooden floor

Why should you hire our professional wood floor restoration services?

We are dedicated to our work. No matter how large or how small the job. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to take it on. With the right tools, products, and skills, your floor, no matter how dirty it is, will be restored to a beautifully clean state.

Our services are perfectly suitable for all kinds of properties:

                ✔ commercial stores
                ✓ pubs
                ✔ restaurants
                ✓ office spaces
                ✔ private houses
                ✓ school
                ✔ sport halls, gyms

Often, our floor cleaning services are paired with a restoration service. Under years of dirt and grime, a beautiful floor may be lurking – it just needs a little bit of elbow grease and the right skills. For more information about our floor cleaning or floor restoration services or to book a help from us, simply contact us today! We will be happy to offer you Free of charge onsite meeting consultation – 0203 570 6808

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