Floor tiles cleaning in City of London!

You can find many different types and models of tiles. They are beautiful, strong and suitable material for flooring and walls. The tile flooring goes was used thru the ages for a reason as its very durable and gorgeous looking. If maintained cleaned and maintained correctly easily can last longer than 50+ years. That is why the last thing a floor needs is to be deprived of professional floor tile cleaning.


What our tile cleaning services in city of London include?

We understand that you love your tile floor, thus our advise is to leave the deep tile cleaning on the specialist. Thru our years of experience we have see many beautiful tile floors damaged permanently by unprofessional care. However this is not the case with our professional tile floor cleaning company. We train our floor cleaning technicians highly in, thus we can achieve the high results as you would expect.

Depending on the condition of your floor tile cleaning services will include:


      โœ“ Examine the condition of your tiles
      โœ” Floor and room preparation
      โœ“ Deep floor cleaning
      โœ” Floor striping
      โœ“ Stone tile neutralization (if stone)
      โœ” Floor sealing


What makes tile cleaning procedure so beneficial for the floor is the fact that it does not only clean and refreshes it, but also eliminates the signs of waste and damages. This is how our polishing tile floor company succeeds to make so many houses more beautiful and so many household โ€“ happy with the interior they have arranged.

You also can consider booking our flooring services if you floor looks a bit dull or has some issues to be repaired. We will send to your place a team of experienced and talented floor tiles cleaning experts. They will quickly examine the condition for you floor and will find the best solution for it. As a result of this and the hard job for deep and thorough flooring in City of London, you will have the surface beyond your feet brilliant and awesome again! How about all of these to get on super special price? Read now more about the things that our diligent floor cleaning specialists can do for you!


Tile cleaning cuty of London

Grout cleaning and grout replacing

In addition to our professional tile cleaning services in the city of London, we provide grout cleaning as well. The cleaning of the grout may look an easy task but actually can be very tricky for cleaning. Mainly as some of the tiled floors are very old and the grout has been neglected for many years.

Our grout cleaning service is done manually only by an experienced floor cleaning technician. Please note that in some cases, mainly due to its age the grout is not suitable for cleaning. Thus we offer grout replacement service. There is nothing to worry about, our technicians are trained to safely replace your grout, without damaging your floor.

Please contact us directly for pricing for grout cleaning or grout replacement. We provide separate pricing per project. As the floors, tiles and grout design defers. Our terrazzo polishing service are neear you!

The advantages of cleaning your tlles and grout

If you are thinking of replacing your tile floor stop! Check out some of the advantages of having your tile floor professionally cleaned:

            โœ” Easy floor maintenance
            โœ“ Faster drying period
            โœ” Resist again mould damage and growth
            โœ“ The floor will last much longer
            โœ” Anti slip finish

And last but not least the overall value of your property will increase significantly.

How ofter should I clean and maintain my tile floor?

They are couple factors that reflect on how often you should deep clean and maintain your tile floor. The main one’s are floor condition, floor usage and floor materials (what kind of tile is your floor made of).

Our approach on evaluating the condition of your floor is very straight forward. We organize free onsite meeting, then our technician will check your floor for damages. Then we will issue quote.

Then once your floor has been deep cleaned we can propose proper time period of cleaning and maintenance. Again depending on the type of tile, the period can range from 3-4 times per year to once in 3 years. We use only professional terrazzo polishing machine, thus we can ensure service to a very high level.

Many of our customer do book our cleaning tile services on regular bases. Thus we ensure that your floor is always clean and fresh. Please require within for quotes for regular floor cleaning service.

tile cleaning before and after our service

Outside tile cleaning services in E1 area London

The good news is that our services are very flexible and convenient, thus we offer outside tile cleaning service.We do understand that these are different types of tiles (as they must resist the weather conditions). Thus we train our tile cleaning specialist how to properly clean and restore the outside cleaning.

Due to the condition of your tiles we can provide relevant results. Either way the result will be much better that it was before our service. And for sure it will be much cheaper that replacing the actual tile. Contact us and we will provide you with free and accurate quote.

Special offer - Tile and grout cleaning London

We are happy to announce that we do have special offer for your tile and grout cleaning. Based on the condition of your floor you may be eligible for free grout cleaning when book tile cleaning service.

The offer depends on the type and condition of your floor. Please inquiry within and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist!

floor tile cleaning sample

Using our efficient floor tile cleaning services City of London!

If you are looking for professional tile floor cleaning company you are at the right place. Give us a shot, we will provide you free onsite meeting, information and advise for your floor. If you decide to use another provider that is perfectly fine. Our goal is to provide you with the best price for the best service.

With our fantastic and budget-friendly flooring services you will receive top-rated attendance as well as tile floor restoration and floor polishing at a full value. Our services are perfectly suitable for:

           โ˜ž Marble floor polishing
           โ˜› Limestone
           โ˜ž Terracotta tile
           โ˜› Fireplace cleaning
           โ˜ž Ceramic tile
           โ˜› Travertine stone
           โ˜ž Victorian floor tile
           โ˜› and many more


The cleaning and restoration does not take long time but provides great results! Let us handle the polishing tile floors for you and you wont be disappointed!

If you want hygienic and beautiful smooth floor, our company โ€“ Floor Sanding And Polishing โ€“ offers you the most effective treatment for it. Grab our floor tiles cleaning deal now by making a reservation via +44 0203 670 5808!

Areas we cover in city of London

Our professional tile cleaning services cover the whole great area of city of London and we cover all post codes in E1 – EC1A. Which are all areas in between:

  • Barbican
  • Finchley
  • Tower of London
  • Holborn
  • Farington
map of city of London

Frequently asked questions about cleaning floor tiles

We receive lots of questions about our services thus we do our best to share our professional tile cleaning knowledge with all our customers:

Q: What is the best way to clean tile floor?
A: Sweep and mop your tile floor at least couple of times per week (or daily if there is high traffic). After you are done with sweeping. Just mix warm clean water with proper tile cleaning detergent and mop thru out. You can use sponge mop.

Q: Which cleaning detergent is best for cleaning tiles
A: Our professional floor tile cleaning advise is to always use the proper detergent for your particular tiles. For example you may damage your beautiful marble tiles if you use detergent for ceramic tiles and vise versa. Always check with the manufacture or supplier which is the recommended detergent. We at Floor Sanding and Polishing ltd always go the extra mile and provide our customers after finishing all works with bottle of professional tile cleaning detergents along with instructions. Of course all free of charge ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: What is the best way to clean grout?
A: Ideally the very best option is to leave the grout cleaning and grout repair to the professionals. However if you wish to clean it your self they are they are some tricks you can use. Start with cleaning the grout with warm damp towel or rag. Then mix half cup baking soda with quarter cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp dish soap. Pour the mixture onto the grout and leave it for 5 – 10 min. After the scrub carefully with small brush and wipe clean.

Q: Can I use vinegar for cleaning tile floor?
A: The vinegar is natural acid and it can be used for cleaning particular tile floors. Some floor are perfectly suitable such as ceramic and porcelain. However other types like marble, terracotta, etc may be damaged by the vinegar. In order to stay on the safe side is best to look for ph neutral cleaners/detergents.

tile polishing - city of London
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