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Floor polishing

The floor polishing is the service that makes your floor looks beautiful again. A wood, stone, or marble floor never looks better than when it is freshly polished. It looks crisp, clean, and alluring – the ultimate in both traditional and modern decor.

If you want to keep your floor looking beautiful. You will need your floor polished on a regular bases. As over months and years of use, you will begin to notice that your once shiny floor become dingy, drab and matt. The polish will look uneven, remaining lustrous in areas that see less traffic, but very dull in areas that are often used. We are here to fix this problem!

Whether your floor has simply become dull over years of use or it has been scratched or scuffed. With our fast, easy and affordable service your floors will shine like new again. Once your floor is professionally polished, it will be easier to maintain. Call the polishing experts today! We have the very best equipment, tools and experience. Thus we can safely provide the best professional floor polishing service you can find in London.

How ofter do I have to polish my floors

No matter how often you clean your floors and how careful you are. When it comes to maintaining the polish, over time it wears away and leaves you with floors that are neither shiny nor beautiful. Especially if you have indoor pets or children. The surface on your floor can very quickly become scratched and dingy once again.

Floor polishing solves these problems. By applying a new coat of polish, your floor will look just like it looked on the first day it was installed. And possibly even better than that. Don’t cover dull floors with carpets. Don’t replace perfectly good flooring, when all it needs is a coat of polish. Book our floor professional services today!

⚠️ Please note that the polishing of your floor will not fix the deep scratches and cracks. In such case you will need floor restoration. The restoration methods for wood and stone floor restoration differ. However the good news is that our staff is trained to work on both types of floors.

polished limestone floor
The process ofcleaning polishing and restoration

What is the difference between floor buffing and floor polishing

Floor buffing and floor polishing are two methods used to restore the shine and luster to a floor. However, they are slightly different processes. Depending on the type and condition of your floor our floor specialist will choose the appropriate service.


Floor buffing:

The buffing service involves using a high-speed buffer equipped with a buffing pad which removes scratches and scuff marks from the floor. Please note that only the very light scratches are removed. As the buffing pad is made of a soft, absorbent material. Which is designed to remove dirt and debris from the floor without scratching or damaging the surface. The buffing must be done more often. Thus on regular basis to maintain the appearance of the floor and to remove surface dirt and stains.


Floor Polishing:

The polished floor service also done by floor cleaning machine equipped with a rotary brush or pad. But this machine is applying actual a polish or sealant to the floor. Our floor specialist are trained to use the appropriate machines and detergents properly. Quite often the polishing is done after buffing. Which will restore the shine to the floor and to protect it from further damage. The service must be done on regular bases but the maintenance period of larger.

Overall, the main difference between both services is the type of equipment used and the purpose of the process. Buffing is used to remove dirt and stains from the floor. While polishing is used to restore the shine and protect the floor. Both processes can be performed on a variety of floor types, including wood, tile, stone, marble, terrazzo, ceramic,and vinyl.

Which is best floor wax or floor polish

Depending on the type of floor and the desired results.After examination the condition of your floor our floor technicians will offer you one of the below:

Floor wax – can be paste or in liquid form that is applied to a floor to protect it and for shine.. Can be used on a variety of floor types, including wood, vinyl, and linoleum. We can apply the wax manually or with machine. You can choose between different finishes, including high gloss, medium gloss, and satin. Is typically more durable than floor polish and provides better protection for the floor. Takes longer to dry and requires more time and effort to apply.

Floor polish – The completion of the process is done by machine. It is used on marble, concrete, terrazzo floors. We offer finish in high gloss, medium gloss, and satin. Dries faster and is easier to apply than floor wax.

Both services are equally good. However, the best choice will depend on the specific needs of the floor and the desired result. Our professionals will advise you which option would be better for your particular type of floor.  Our quote and advises are always free.


Benefits of polished floors

They are many benefits of having your flooring clean and polished. However the main ones are:

  • Improved appearance –  Our floor polishers will restore the shine and luster to a floor, making it look like new again. A polished flooring can also make a room look more spacious and welcoming.
  • Increased durability – Applying a polish or sealant to a floor can help protect it from wear and tear. This can extend the life of the floor and reduce the need for repairs or replacement. Which will save you time and money.
  • Easier maintenance – A glossy floor is easier to clean and maintain than a dull or scratched one. Dust and dirt are less likely to stick to a polished surface, making it easier to keep the floor looking clean and shiny. Which will resolve in clean hardwood floors (or other types).
  • Increased value – Shiny floor can increase the value of a home or commercial property. A well-maintained floor is a sign of a well-maintained property and can make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. Also it will save you money, for example the re-oiling wooden floors will be done not often.
  • Enhanced safety – Gleaming floor is less slippery than a dull or rough floor, making it safer to walk on. This is especially important in areas where there is a high risk of slips and falls, such as in wet or high-traffic areas.

Using our professional floor cleaning services will improve the appearance, durability, and value of a floor, as well as make it easier to maintain and safer to walk on.

How much does it cost to polish floor

Depending on the type of your floor the prices may differ. For example the prices for wood floor  and marble stone floor are much different. Also please note that the condition of your floor is another factor taken in consideration.

However the general prices for simple wood floor polish may start from as low as £12.00 per sq.m. Please note that if sanding, staining and varnish is needed, the price for polishing may go up to £40.00 per sq.m.

Please contact us and our customer service representatives will offer you free quote. Alternatively we may organize free onsite visit, then we can see the condition of the floor and offer the most accurate quote.

Chosing Our Floor Polishing Company

We strive to provide both the very best customer service and the most comprehensive floor polishing service. Our policy is to provide the best possible service on the best price. This means that you get ideal service – a beautiful floor, serviced by a team of professionals who will neither rush through your job nor skimp on the techniques or products that will really make your floor shine. Thus you will receive:


               ☞ Free evaluation of the state of your floor
               ☛ Very competitive prices
               ☞ State of the art cleaning equipment, commercial detergents professional chemicals
               ☛ Great customer service – you will receive assigned dedicated representative
               ☞ Free advise on how to maintain your floor for the future
               ☛ Team of skilled floor technicians with years of experience

Buffing and polishing are form of art – one that we’ve perfected. If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your floors, look no further. Our services are suitable for the following type of materials:

  • Marble floor cleaning and countertops
  • Wooden floor
  • Terrazzo
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Floor tiles
  • Concrete
  • Limestone

For more information about floor cleaning service contact us today!

Frequently asked quesions

Q: Is there a polish for laminate flooring?
A: Yes, we do offer laminate polish.

Q: Do you offer marble floor polishing?
A: Yes, we specialize in marble stone floor cleaning.

Q: How to remove bona polish from wood floors?
A: In order to completely remove it we must sand the floor.

Q: Are you able to polish my floor, without sanding?
A: Depending on the condition of your floor, we may be able to polish without sanding.

Q: How often do you have to polish concrete floors?
A: Depending on the traffic over the floor. The concrete may service on monthly or yearly bases.

Q: How long does it take to sand and polish timber floors?
A: We can sand and varnish about 30sq.m per day. Which is about 1 or 2 rooms per day.

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