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Do you need Marble Polishing, Cleaning and Buffing?

What is marble polishing and why you may need it?

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stone that you can choose for your floors. It is durable, naturally resistant to stains and easy to clean. However  how durable it is, over years of use, it can get dirty, lose its polish and shine. This can leave you with dull floors that might still look nice, but are nowhere near as beautiful as they were when they were shiny and lustrous.

If you want to return your marble floor to like new appearance you should start with the following procedure:

        ☛ Marble cleaning
        ☞ Buffing polishing

The procedure includes deep cleaning with special detergents and buff polishing with single disk pads with different softness. Our London marble cleaning and buffing services will return your floors to their former glory. Thus if your floors have always had a dingy appearance, we can transform them into high-class, classic floors that will take your breath away.

If you need marble polish or sanding services for any room of your house, make us your first call. We will do our best to offer you the very best possible price for the polishing of your marble floor, marble vanity or marble worktop. Our goal is to provide the very best service on the best price.

Our approach for polishing marble floors is straight forward. We send one of our experienced floor technicians onsite. Once he see the actual condition of the floor he will evaluate the condition of your floor and will decide whether simple cleaning and polishing will do the job or grinding and restoration must be involved.

Polish Marble Floor

Marble polishing is the best way to buff away scratches, minute damage and normal wear and tear on your marble floors or  other marble surfaces. The marble is an excellent flooring choice for both traditional and modern homes, but it does require maintenance. For our marble floor polishing service in London, we use the best products and techniques in order to restore the gleam that originally drew you to marble flooring:

       ☛ Professional detergents
       ☞ Powder polishing
       ☛ Polishing with resin, copper bond diamond or diamond polishing  pads

When your floors are starting to show their age,  then you are in a need of marble restoration. The good news is that our marble polishers are here for you. We can restore their original color, texture, and their tone will shine through again! Our service are also perfectly applicable for wood floor polishing too.


How we polish marble floors?

The polishing of the marble floor is rather gentle procedure. Thus is applicable for floor in good and fair condition, mainly as the deep holes and scratches will not be fixed only with polishing but marble grinding must be involved. However the small scratches, dings and the normal daily usage of the floor are perfect fit for the marble buff polishing. Our marble polisher have the advantage of using high end professional Italian polishing machines. Thus you will have the peace of mind that the work will be done property and in no time. One of the main advantage which is highly appreciated by our customers is that our machines are virtually dust free. Other companies keep using the old type of polishing machines which are associated with lots of dust. However this is not the case with our company and of course there will be almost no cleaning after our services.

Our marble polishing services are suitable for different kinds of surfaces, such as:

         ✔ Vanity tops
         ✓ Bathrooms
         ✔ Lobby spaces
         ✓ Stairs
         ✔ Marble walls
         ✓ Marble columns
         ✔ Worktops



polished marble floor and staircase
polished marble vanity top

Marble Restoration

Not every scuff, scratch, chip, or wear mark can be polished away. Often, marble grinding must be utilized in order to restore a piece of marble to its original appearance. Hence, simply dragging a heavy chair across a marble floor can leave a scratch that cannot be buffed away by a polish.

Marble restoration is a simple way to get floors that look like new, without actually having to pay for new floors. Often, many of our clients think they need new floors. But after our marble grinding service, their are pleased to discover their floors once again look just as beautiful as the day they were laid. The key of our marble restoration services is the experience, equipment and approach that we use. Depending on the condition of your floor and how often was serviced and maintain we will choose the most suitable approach. Our technician will keep you updated for all steps that they will take. Usually the standard marble restoration procedure starts with cleaning and preparation of the floor. Followed by marble grinding – which will sand down your floor and will reveal its original beauty. Depending on whether they are any cracks or not we may add diamond bonds. The restoration process is completed with adding durable professional floor sealing which will keep your floor looking like for longer period of time. And last but not least your floor will be much easier for maintaining.

Our floor technicians are highly trained to use wide range of grinding techniques:

      ➢ Metal, copper and diamond bonds
      ➣ Different grinds, starting from 15 up to 5000
      ➢ Resin

⚠️ Please Note: The grinding service must be conducted by skilled professionals, as may result in very costly mistakes. Our advise is to rely on professional and experienced company.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians are skilled and highly professional. We will choose the best suitable method for restoring your marble floor.

How often does marble needs to be polished and maintained?

Our general answer is that your marble floor (if maintained properly) should last between one and three years between the polishing. However please note that the it very important what kind of area is this. 

High traffic areas:

It is necessary to polish those types of marble areas more often due to the traffic that they take. For example the commercial types of properties take on really high traffic and must be polished every 6 months to 1 year.

Low traffic areas:

These are usually your domestic types of floors. Here depending on the condition of the existing floor. The service period can range between three and five years.

⚠️ Please note that the key word in all services is marble maintenance. If you wish to keep your floors or other marble surfaces looking like new for as long as possible. You must take proper care with proper detergents and within relevant time intervals.

Repairing Marble

The marble floors  are very durable and strong. Unfortunately sometimes damages happens. But there is no room for worry. We have vast experience working with marble and any other natural stones such as Limestone, Granite you name it.

Throughout our experience we have seen many types of marble damages. Our policy is to provide the most accurate and honest quotes. Thus once we see the actual condition of your floor we will advise what is final expected result. And most importantly whether the floor is fixable or not.

Our marble repairing services include:

                ✔ Marble chip repairs
                ✓ Hole filling
                ✔ Repairing marble slab
                ✓ Repairing marble stairs
                ✔ Re-grouting
                ✓ Deep scratch repairs

Please contact us and we will be happy to quote issue competitive quote for marble floor  repair based on the condition of your particular floor.

Commercial Marble Polishing

We provide special commercial marble polishing services for our commercial customer. The service different that the standard residential one. Mainly due to the fact that commercial spaces usually are quite large and most importantly the marble floors take on heavy traffic each day.

Our commercial cleaning teams do specialize and provide deep cleaning, polishing and most importantly commercial marble maintenance. We use large commercial equipment which is capable of achieving great results. Of course we  understand that the service must be provided in specific time, usually out of business hours or over the holidays. That is part of our commercial marble polish service and last but not least we offer special commercial cleaning prices.

The services suitable for our commercial customers are:

              ☞ Office spaces
              ☛ Retail stores
              ☞ Shopping malls
              ☛ Hotels
              ☞ Public spaces/Lobbies
              ☛ Museums

For detailed pricing and special offers, please contact us customer service representatives.

Outside marble cleaning service

The marble is such strong material that is widely used outside too. We do understand that the outside conditions can be much tougher that the inside ones. Thus we trained our team how to properly clean, polish and most importantly to seal the outside marble surface.

Why is sealing so important on the outside marble surface? Once we are done with the cleaning of your marble surface we need to make sure that its sealed properly and will look as long as possible. That is why our team use only highly durable professional sealing detergents.

Check our the below photos and see the result after simple floor cleaning. If you are in a need of marble outside polishing then you need to contact us. You will receive free and honest quote.

example of before and after marbe polishing
outside marble polishing

Reasons to hire our polishing and restoration services

We have a dedication to marble polishing and marble restoration that is matched only by our commitment to excellent customer service. Never rushing or skimp through a job is a must. Our marble polishers are trained to provide the best possible service with minimal hassle for our customers.

We put special care in our customer service, as we believe that you deserve only the best service. That is why when you you book your marble polish, we will assign you dedicated personal customer service representative. He will guide you thru the whole process and will be able to assist at any time.

After 10 years working with all kinds of marble floors and surfaces we have gained large experience which we will implement in the cleaning of your loved floor.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule your marble restoration service! Our customer service representatives are available online 24/7 for you!

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