Polished terrazzo floors date back to the fifteenth century, but don’t get us wrong they are not old-fashioned. If you have them in your property then you are completely aware of their great appearances. The benefits of having such floor are its continuity throughout the house, its resemblance of marble (when polished properly) and its durability and easy maintenance.

Terrazzo Polishing

The terrazzo floors are very durable but with time they might get scratched, dull and damaged. Depending on the type of damage they are two main types of suitable methods for fixing the floor.

If the damage is not significant simple terrazzo floor polish will do the job. The polished terrazzo floor will restore its shine and remove small damage. However doing this, requires a special piece of equipment, which is not widely available. Our advice is to use professional polishing company for this type of service. As if you use wrong detergents and technique you may damage the floor permanently.

Top quality is achieved only if all steps are followed, so don’t buy the cheapest offer on the market, as it may turn that you hired a bunch of cowboys to do a professional’s job. We specialize in hard floor cleaning for the last 10+ years. Our floor technicians are experienced to work with any natural floors or manmade ones. We and use state-of-the-art equipment and machines with diamond pads to ensure your terrazzo floor gets back its lustrous beauty.

The good news is that our polishing services are suitable not only for terrazzo surfaces but for any other type of floor.

Terrazzo Restoration

Unfortunately not all damages can be removed with terrazzo polishing. If your floor is in high traffic area and has stains, ghosting though, deep scratches. Or if the floor was not maintained properly for long period of time. Then most likely you will be in a need of Terrazzo floor restoration. The service is consisted of couple steps.

    • ✔ Protecting the furniture and other items in the room
    • ✔ Cleaning the floor
    • ✔ Repairing the cracks
    • ✔ Grinding works
    • ✔ Again cleaning
    • ✔ Buff/Polishing
    • ✔ Proper sealing of the floor

The actual grinding service takes very small amount of the top layer away. So the “new floor” is uncovered. Once the surface is cleared, then we will bull/polish the terrazzo to give it this great resemblance. At the end the procedure is completed with 3 coats of proper professional durable sealant. Which will “safe” your floor for long period of time.

As with polishing, the terrazzo grinding is done with a special equipment and machinery using diamond-coated abrasive discs (each finer than the previous one). Grinding the terrazzo properly is essential to polishing follow-up, so that you have your floor look at its finest. Again our advice is use professional company, as the mistakes here can be very costly and in some cases your floor might be damaged permanently.

Terrazzo Repairs

One of the most important part of the terrazzo restoration is the repair of an old damages, cracks, deep holes, etc. This is crucial as if not done properly the floor may look worst than before. Thru our extensive experience we have seen lots repairs done by unqualified or inexperienced floor technicians. Our advise is to use reputable professional terrazzo floor repairing company.

The repairing must be done after the first cleaning of the floor. The room must be covered and protected beforehand. This is the proper sequences of steps for terrazzo restoration and repair:

                      ☞Preparing the floor – removing of the existing sealer
                      ☛Chiseling – trying to make “vertical walls” in the cracked area where the terrazzo mix will be poured
                      ☞Cleaning – we make sure that cleaned of any loose debris
                      ☛Adding the Terrazzo mix – this is the most important part. The closest possible colour must be chosen, as well as the proper marble chip origin. The floor technician may decide to add resin.
                      ☞Allow the floor to cure – the full drying may take 24 hours before the mix is ready for grinding.
                      ☛Grinding – once the patching terrazzo mixed has dried we continue with proper grinding through

Terrazzo Maintenance

Depending on your type of floor and its condition the maintenance and the terrazzo cleaning may differ. For example if this is your home floor (or surface) our recommendation is to:

    • ✔ Dust the floor daily
    • ✔ Scrub the floor twice a week
    • ✔ Use only approved terrazzo cleaning detergents (check your terrazzo supplier/installer)
    • ✔ Do NOT use all purpose cleaners containing harmful acids or crystalizing salts
    • ✔ Do NOT apply miracle sealers or any such products before checking with professional or with the national terrazzo and mosaic association first.

If the floor is located in commercial space then the proper terrazzo maintenance and terrazzo cleaning would be using mechanically polishing and buffing machine.

You can take advantage of our professional services. Our terrazzo technicians are experts in terrazzo maintenance and terrazzo cleaning. We offer flexible services on the following basses:

    • ✔ daily/weekly
    • ✔ monthly
    • ✔ quarterly
    • ✔ yearly
Polished terrazzo floor

How much does it cost to polish Terrazzo floor?

The price for terrazzo cleaning and polishing is based mainly on the condition of the floor. In order to provide the best possible price, we evaluate each floor individually. Our approach is pretty straight forward. We send one of our experienced floor technicians onsite to check the actual condition of your floor.

Once we see the actual condition of the floor we prepare quote with 2 options:

– One option for light terrazzo cleaning The option includes cleaning and buffing and one coat of Sealing. Your floor will be refreshed but not completely restored, however many of our customers choose this particular option, as their floor is in good shape.

– One option for complete restoration This option  includes deep cleaning, grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing. This is basically complete restoration of your terrazzo floor.

Thus customer can choose between the options based on this budged and preference. The offer is send to customer, all final prices are present, and they are no hidden fees or additional charges. Thus you will be aware of the very final price before starting the project. Once our quote is approved we start the works shorty after.

Using our Professional Terrazzo Polishing Services

Our policy is to provide the best possible service on the best possible price. That is why we make sure that our floor specialist are highly trained. In order to achieve great results, we use only high end polishing equipment.

Our terrazzo cleaning and terrazzo polish services are suitable for large number of premises such as:

  • communal areas
  • residential and commercial properties
  • hotels
  • museums
  • stores and shopping malls

Take advantage of our professional terrazzo polishing services, do not hesitate to call us. Our customer support agents are available 24/7 online. They will be happy to provide you with free no obligation quote.

If you need more information about our terrazzo polishing or you want to book your free onsite visit, contact us today!

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