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We received a call from a store owner, who got in touch with us about our concrete grinding services. Our team arrived at his property for a viewing, and our offer was issued. The customer agreed, but we had to wait until his basement was completely renovated. The final touch was the polishing service we had to execute.

Concrete is an excellent material with very long life expectancy, especially when compared to other kinds of flooring. For instance, average tiles durability period is 15-20 years, while a well maintained, polished concrete floor can last 100+ years of use.

Like any specialized technique, polishing is a few stages operation, requiring the usage of proper equipment and tools to achieve optimal results. Our machines can sand, grind, buff, strip, polish and burnish any concrete surface which comes across. So, we were seriously prepared for our job.

Sanding concrete is quite like sanding wood. Our machines are equipped with abrasive diamond discs (similar to sandpaper) by dint of which we are able to grind the surface to the intended degree of smoothness and shine.

We finished our job in no time and the customer was so satisfied, that we discussed the possibility to polish the other floors of the store.

For The Store Concrete Flooring Project

Project TypeConcrete Floor Sanding
CustomerStore owner
Completion DateJuly 2015
Project Size860 Square Feet
Contract ValueHidden
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