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Wood Floor Renovation by Floor Sanding Experts

Hardwood is the most traditional and one of the most beautiful types of flooring you can have installed. While advancements have been made. For example sealants and finishes have been made wood less susceptible to damage. Especially from impacts like a falling cup. After certain period of time most the wood floors will eventually need wooden floor sanding services in London. Polish and sealants naturally wear away with use, leaving behind dull surface. Thus the floors are much more susceptible to damage. If you have begun to notice that your floors are no longer as beautiful as they once were. Our London based wood floor restoration and sanding services can help you.

Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding is an important process in maintaining and restoring the beauty of your hardwood floors. As floors are used over time, they can become dull and lose their smoothness due to regular wear and tear. Scratches, dents, and stains can accumulate and make your floors look old and worn. The wood floor restoration process removes the rough, worn layers of wood and reveals the smooth, fresh layers underneath. This can improve the appearance of your floors, making them look new again.

Our domestic floor sanding services also helps to increase the durability of your floors. By removing the damaged layers of wood that are more susceptible to wear and tear. Sand hardwood floors can prolong the life of your floors and save you money in the long run. Additionally, hardwood floor refinishing can enhance the value of your property – well-maintained hardwood floors are a major selling point for potential buyers.

Our professional refinishing advise and summary is that floor sanding is an essential part of maintaining and restoring the beauty and durability of your hardwood floors. It can remove scratches, stains, and other signs of wear and tear, making your floors look new again. Additionally, it can help to increase its longevity. Which can save you money in the long run. Moreover, well-maintained hardwood flooring can boost the value of your property.

We at floor sanding London know how important is to use the right methods and sanding tools. Our dustless sanding services are perfect for removing old polish, sealant, stains, and damage from your hardwood floors. Leaving a blank slate behind for new stain, sealant, and polish. Even old, dull, damaged floors can easily be transformed into like-new flooring, when you hire our professional wooden floor restoration and wood polishing services.

Our services are suitable for private, commercial, office, school or sport properties.

When you hire us, you will receive:

                          ✔Professionally trained floor technicians
                          ✔Reliable service
                          ✔State of the art equipment – No Dust
                          ✔Using Top Brands (Osmo, Junkers, Bona)

sanded wood floor
sanded wooden floor

Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floor polishing is process of buffing the surface of a wooden flooring with a machine and a special polishing compound. This process give the floor a high-gloss, mirror-like finish. This procedure is typically done after sanding to remove any surface imperfections and stains. And will give the floor a smoother and more even finish. It is also used to enhance the shine and durability of the floor.

No matter how good is maintained every hardwood floor will eventually need wood polishing services. Wood itself is very durable and can survive decades and even centuries of use, especially when it is properly maintained. This beautiful flooring material must be cared for in the right way. The wood itself will begin to erode away and will eventually have to be replaced if not maintenance properly.

The basic wood cleaning and polishing requires a trained eye and a steady hand. With our wood polishing tools and products, we can finish any polishing job quickly and capably. Leaving you with beautiful, gleaming floors that look as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the day they were first laid.

The good news is that our service is perfectly suitable not only for floors. But for walls too. Our team is also capable of polishing and restoring your favorite dining table or furniture.

                       ✔ Professional Polishing equipment
                       ✓ Quick and Efficient service
                       ✔ Great customer and property care

Benefits of using our professional sanding services

Based on our experience thru the years, we learned how to tread not only your floor properly but your health as well. How we achieve this? We use only high end equipment when sanding wood floors. Our floor sander operate with continues belt machinery. This means that there almost no dust. Some of our competitors still use the outdated drum driven equipment – which makes a complete mess of your property. We avoid that by using our proper equipment, thus we safe your property and your heath by minimizing the dust levels to almost zero.

                     ✔ great care of your floor
                     ✓ we thing of your health
                     ✔ we keep your property

Here a small list from your benefits while using our  dustless sanding floor services:

  1. Improved Appearance: Our wood floor restoration and sanding experts will remove the scratches, dents, and stains from the surface of your floors. We will leave them with a smooth and even finish. This can greatly improve the appearance of your floors, making them look new and fresh again.
  2. Increased Durability: We will remove the rough, worn layers of wood that are more susceptible to wear and tear. By removing these layers, your floors will be left with a fresh surface that is less likely to be damaged. Thus our sander can help to increase the longevity of your floors, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Enhanced Value of the Property: Well-maintained hardwood floors are a major selling point for potential buyers. Hardwood sanding can help to enhance the value of your property by restoring the beauty of your floors and making them more attractive to potential buyers.
  4. Better Indoor Air Quality: Our sander will remove dirt and grime that can accumulate on the surface of your floors. As well as any old finishes that may have been applied. This can help to improve the indoor air quality of your home by reducing the amount of dust and other particles that can become airborne.
  5. Better protection: The floor maintenance is usually the first step in refinishing wooden floors. This process helps to remove the top layers of a floor that may have been damaged by scratches and stains, as well as providing the surface a better texture and smoothness for the new finish to adhere to.
  6. Enhance the character of the wood: Hardwood floors often have a lot of character and beauty on them. But as they are being used over time, some features like knots, and other natural marks may be covered by dirt or faded due to sunlight. Sanding can help bring these features back to light, showing the natural beauty of the wood again. The good news is that we offer floor varnishing services. This means that you can choose the colour of your floor. Thus you can leave the natural colour of the wood or you can add customer colour.

Our sanding and Wood floor maintenance services

You can take advantage of our professional floor sanding services. Here a small list of the services we provide:

✔️ Hardwood floor sanding
✔️ Wooden floor sanding and refinishing
✔️ Floor sanding and rejuvenation
✔️ Dustless floor sanding
✔️ Wood floor varnish
✔️ Complete floor restoration

Please note that proper wood floor maintenance is crucial to keeping your floors in top condition. Proper floor maintenance will prevent floor replacement. Here are couple professional tips on how to maintain and  keep you wood floors in good condition.

Regular cleaning: Regularly sweep or vacuum your floors to remove dirt and debris. This will prevent dirt and debris from scratching the surface of your floors. Please note that this step is very important if have parquet floors.

Use floor protectors: Place floor protectors on furniture legs to prevent scratches on your floors.

Clean with specialized cleaner: Use a specialized wood floor cleaner to remove dirt and grime that can build up over time. Avoid using water or excessive moisture as it can cause damage to your wood floors.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your wood floors as they can damage the finish.

Monitor humidity: Keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home, as too much or too little humidity can cause your wood floors to expand or contract, leading to warping and cracking.

Annual professional cleaning: Consider having your floors professionally cleaned once a year to ensure that they are being properly maintained.

Fix any issues promptly: If you notice any issues such as scratches or stains on your wood floors, it is best to address them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Regularly check for loose or lifted boards and fix them: Checking the condition of your floors and fixing any problems promptly can prevent them from worsening and becoming bigger issues in the future.

We are happy to offer you our wood floor maintenance services. Then you can have the piece of mind that your beautiful floors are taken care by professionals. Thus the wood flooring will always be in top shape. Based on your requirements we do offer flexible service. Such as monthly, quarterly and yearly service.

The good news is that we do provide maintenance service for marble floors as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have one.

Commercial sanidng service

We understand how important is look of your commercial premises. Thus we can offer your our specially designed commercial floor sanding service. For this service we use special sanding machines and equipment. Thus we can sand larger area for less period of time. We do offer out of business hours service. And we use special heavy duty varnish. Which is able to withstand the heavy use of the floor. Some of our commercial customers are – museum, schools, sport gyms, shopping malls, etc.

Please contact us directly and take advantage of our special commercial floor pricing.

Choosing the best professional wood floor sanding company in London

Finding the right Floor sanding specialists London can be a daunting task. But by considering the following factors. You can ensure that you are making an informed decision. Here is what we can offer and how stand from the crowd:

  • We have the experience in wood floor refinishing! We are a company in London that has been in business for a 10+ years. We do have the knowledge and skills to handle any issues that may arise during the sanding process.
  • Our reputation for wood floor renovation unbeatable. Check what our customers have to say about us. And feel free to check our reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the company’s reputation. A company with a good reputation is likely to provide quality services.
  • Services offered: We offer wide range of services. Such as dustless sanding, hardwood flooring, and different finishes. Our teams are equip with latest machines and techniques for sanding.
  • Insurance: Our company is fully insured.
  • Cost: We provide very competitive and affordable prices. We do our best to fit any budged.
  • Dustless sanding: While sanding we produce almost no dust. This is important for people who have allergies or respiratory problems. And general for the clean level of the property.
  • Free consultation and estimate: All our offers, consultation and quote are free of charge.

Cost of sanding wooden floors

Please note that the price for the sanding is based on couple factors. The first one (and the main one) is the condition of your floor. Thus whether we need to fill any gaps, deep scratches, cracks, etc. Another factor is the size of the property. The good news is that there is no small property for us.

Our team of skilled professionals will evaluate the condition of your floor and will provide the best possible price. Our goal is to provide the best service for the best price.

Please contact us we will be happy to offer you free quote with no obligations what so ever.

Wood floor sanders at your disposal

We know how much you love your wood floors and we know it can be difficult to put your floors in the hands of someone else. That is why we are committed to the very best customer service and best wood polishing and wood sanding services possible. Wood polishing and sanding isn’t just about removing scratches and restoring shine. It is about protecting your investment. What we do in every wood polishing or sanding job.

                       ✔ Booking on short notice
                       ✓ No hidden charges
                       ✔ Free Quote
                       ✓ Free onsite visit
                       ✔ Adequate estimation of your floor
For more information about wood polishing, wood sanding, or to book your service, contact us today!

Areas we cover

Our wood floor renovation services cover the whole great area of London:

  1. Central London: This includes areas such as Westminster, Mayfair, and Marylebone.
  2. North London: This includes areas such as Camden, Islington, and Hampstead.
  3. East London: This includes areas such as Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and East End.
  4. South London: This includes areas such as Brixton, Clapham, and Camberwell.
  5. West London: This includes areas such as Hammersmith, Fulham, and Notting Hill.

In addition we do cover Portsmouth, Brighton, Fareham, Guildford and Southampton.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the color of my floors during the sanding process?

Yes, we do offer “staining”. Thus you can choose the colour of your wood floor. We will provide you with list of available colours. And in additional to the colour. You can choose the finish (i.e gloss, semi gloss, matt).

How long does the wood floor sanding process take?

That depends on the type and condition of your floor. However for example average size room with wood floor in standard condition is done in one day. Thus we can sand 30-50 sq.m. in one day (if empty).

What kind of finishes can I choose from for my sanded floors?

We do offer different kind of finishes. You can choose from high gloss, semi gloss and matt.

Will sanding remove deep scratches and stains from my floors?

Yes, our professional sanding service will remove the deep scratches and stain of your floor.

Is it possible to sand engineered hardwood floors?

Yes, we can sand engineered hardwood floors

Do you offer parquet sanding?

Yes, we do specialize in professional parquet sanding.

How often should I have my wood floors sanded?

That depends on the traffic that they get. For example floor residential property is sanded once in 3-5 years.

How much does floor sanding cost?

Our price is based on the current condition of your floor. For example our prices range from £30.00 – £45.00 per sq.m. Depending whether you would like to add any additional services. Such as gap filling, staining, repair etc.

Do you offer gap filling service?

Yes, we offer wood floor gap filling service.

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