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proper stone floor polishing and restoration

Professional Stone Floor Restoration

Natural stones can make a great flooring material for any room in your home or commercial property. Stones like granite, marble, limestone, basalt, sandstone, and even slate can lend natural elegance to a space, while also providing a durable surface that is easy to clean. Whether you have just had these natural stones installed or have had a stone floor for decades, a routine of stone sanding should be employed to get the most out of your floor investment.

These materials are naturally durable, but the polishes and sealants used to make them shine are not. The stones will stand up to centuries of wear and tear, but stone polishing and floor sanding is a great way to make sure they continue to look as beautiful on their thousandth day of use as they looked on their first day. The good news is that our floor restoration services are at your disposal.

Stone Floor Polishing and Buffing

Some of the most common issues that come along with any stone floor are eroding polish, dirty grout, scratches from daily use and other small, but noticeable damage. Stone polishing is a great way to get rid of any of these blemishes on your natural or man made floors. If you are starting to notice your stone floors are no longer as beautiful as they once were. Then our stone polish services are the cost-effective solution for you. Before you consider replacing or even covering over your floors. Pleas check our stone floor cleaning London services to restore your floors to their former beauty.

Depending on the condition of your floor, we can offer you couple different services. For example if your floor is in rather good condition (and they are no deep scratches). Then our stone buffing and polishing services might be the best choice for you. Our policy is to provide the best possible service for the best possible price. Thats is why our teams are highly trained and we use only state of the art equipment and polishing detergents.

The polishing and buffing service includes careful cleaning and examination of the condition of the floor. Then our floor technicians will polish the floor properly. Depending on the condition they might repeat the procedure. Following with buffing and finally completing the service with proper floor sealant (which will prevent the floor from gathering any new scratches).

⚠️ Our advise is always to call the professional stone polishers before trying to clean your floor. As you might damage it even further. Based on our experience those damages might be very costly. That is why our advises over the phone or live chat are always FREE.

example of sealed and non sealed stone floor
limestone floor restoration

Stone Floor Sanding, Grinding and Maintenance

Unfortunately if the floor was neglected for sometime. Or there is high traffic on it there is damage that cannot simply be buffed away by stone polishing. Here is where our professional Grinding/Sanding services come in handy.

What is the Stone Grinding and Sanding service? The stone sanding can remove damages, stains, floor cracks and other blemishes that polishing stone is not equipped to handle. Our team uses only professional heavy duty machines for the stone grinding/sanding process. They are needed, as the process includes the removing of the top layer of the actual stone. Which will bring back the natural colour of your stone floor.

The deep grinding/sanding together with the stone polishing go hand in hand to provide you with beautiful, lustrous floors once more. Please note that the grinding and sanding service (although a bit different) is perfectly suitable for wooden floors as well. You can find some great examples of perfectly restored floors in our floor gallery.

This type of service is suitable for all kinds of natural and man made floors:

            ☞ Marble floor
            ☛ Concrete floors
            ☞ Limestone floor
            ☛ Terrazzo tiles


Stone Floor Maintanance

⚠️Maintenance – when it comes to natural and man made floors the maintenance is the keyword.

If you maintain your floor properly and most importantly on time. You will have the pleasure of having brand new looking floor for a much longer period of time. The high traffic areas are must be maintained more often. Our advise is that the below high traffic areas to be maintained daily and every 4 months professionally:

            ☞ residential properties  
            ☛ hotel lobbies
            ☞ retails stores
            ☛ shopping malls
            ☞ restaurant floors
            ☛ office spaces
            ☞ school floors and spaces

The maintenance for the different types of floor differ. However the general rule is to keep it clean and most importantly to use the proper cleaning detergents. As thru the years of our experience we have see many floor damages of using the wrong detergents.

The good thing is that our teams are trained to work with all types of natural or man made stone. Our professional floor technicians have works on almost all kinds of stone surfaces. In order to provide great service, we make sure that our teams are trained to very high standard.

⚠️ Please note that some damages are permanent. That’s why our advise is to call us if you are not sure what detergent to use. Our advises are always Free 🙂

Grout replacement

grout replacement
regrouting stone floor

Its certain that while walking and using your stone floor for many years you will damage the grout. In some cases the actual grout is not damaged but due to neglect, wrong maintenance or just usage get dirty to such level where the grout is permanently dirty.

There is no room for worrying, as our Professional floor cleaning company is capable to clean or re-grout your beloved floor without having the change the whole floor. This procedure will save you lots of time and mainly money.

Our grout cleaning technicians are trained to asses the condition of the grout. Thus they will decide whether grout cleaning or grout replacement will be more sufficient method. Of course you will be aware of the whole process and you will have the final decision based on our professional advise.

The prices for cleaning grout and re-grouting are quite affordable and the actual service is takes a day or two. That depends mainly on the size of the room. Please contact us directly and we will issue free quote for your particular property.

Our regrouting services are suitable for:

– Any type of stone floors
– Kitchen tiles
– Bathroom tiles
– Shower room, walls and floor

How long does stone floors last

When is comes to stone flooring, they are two main types. Natural stone and ceramic tiles. Both are extremely durable and good looking. When maintained and cared for properly they can last lifetime. 

However to answer the question with more specific data, here is a great article from the National Association of Home Builders and their study for “Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components”.

Their research states that the expectancy of the ceramic floors range from 50 – 75 years. As for the natural stones, such as marble floors, granite, etc this range is more than 100 years!

Please note that based on our professional polishing experience in order to achieve those years you must maintain your floor properly. If you need more information on how to properly care for your floor. Please contact us we will be happy to provide you with free advise.

stone floor maintanance

Our customers

Our customers are residential as well as commercial. We are able to take on any project does not matter whether inside or outside one. Thru our professional experience we have worked with:

  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Retail stores
  • Airports
  • Fireplaces
  • Worktops

Benefis of using our professonal stone polishing and restoration services

When you hire our stone floor restoration and stone cleaning London services, you know you are getting the very best services in town. Our team of polishers and sanders have years of experience and are highly skilled. By using the top notch stone floor polishing machines our experts will protect your stone floors. While also working hard to make sure any damage and blemishes have been removed.

The stone floors are beautiful and expensive do not make the mistake of hiring inexperienced or unprofessional polishing service, this may result is ruined floor. Mistakes like this may cost you lots of money and time.

Our policy is to provide the best possible service on the best possible price. That is why we try to fit any budged. We understand how important is the customer satisfaction, thus we will assign personal customer representative that will guide thru the whole process.

For more information about natural floor polishing or stone sanding or to book your service, contact us today!

Top frequently asked question about stone polishing?

Q: Is stone polishing messy?
A: Although our professionals are using the latest stone floor polishing machine there is some dust to be expected.

Q: Can any stone floor be polished?
A: Our Professional team is trained to clean, polish and restore any kind of stone floor. Please note that the actual floor restoration procedure may be different for the different stone.

Q: Do you provide free quote and free estimate?
A: Yes, all our quotes and floor evaluation are always free of charge.

Q: Is stone sealing necessary?
A: After the polishing service the sealing is a complete must. This is protect the floor for long period of time. Otherwise your floor will be left “open”.

Q: How long time the stone sealer is expected to last?
A: The efficiency of the stone sealer depends on the type of stone and the the traffic on the floor. And last but not least how often the floor is maintained.

Q: How much does it cost to polish stone floors
A: Our stone floor polishing services are based mainly on the condition of the floor. Thus in order to provide the best possible price we do quote each floor separately. Please provide photo of the current condition of your floor and we will issue free quote. However the prices for floor polishing range £20.00 – £100.00 per sq.m.

Q: Do you clean grout?
A: Yes, we are able to clean the grout and if needed we can replace the grout too.

Q: What is your book leading time?
A: Usually we are able to book you within one week notice or less.

Q: Do you polish stone fireplaces?
A: Yes, our teams are trained to polish and restore your fireplace to its original glory.

Q: Which areas do you cover?
A: Our professional stone floor polishing services cover the whole great area of London, Sutton, City of London, Chelsea, Guildford, Portsmouth.

Q: Can i mop stone floor?
A: Yes, you can mop your stone floor, however we strongly recommend using the proper cleaning detergent. Please note that using the wrong detergents.

Q: My stone countertops are no longer shiny. How to restore them and bring the shine back?
A: Usually the main reason for dull countertops is the usage of wrong detergent or not cleaning the surface on time. We are able to restore your worktops and make them shiny again with simple countertop buffing.

Q: Do you provide commercial stone polish?
A: Yes, we do provide service for our commercial customers.

Q: Do you provide stone repairs and polishing?
A: We do provide stone repairs followed by floor buffing and proper sealing.

Q: Do you use wet grinder stone polisher?
A: Depending on the type of your stone surface we may use wet grinder, simple natural polishing wax or wet polishing pads.

Q: Do you provide buffing for natural stone floors?
A: Yes, we do provide buffing service for all natural and man made stone floors.

Q: How to polish stone tile floors?
A: The best way to polish stone tile floor is to use proper professional machine. However please note that for the tile edges (on the corners) is best to use manual hand method.

Q: What are the best polishing products for natural stone?
A: Always check with the manufacture or with the supplier what is the recommended product. However is safe to use However you safely use natural stone cleaning detergent or any natural stone cleaner that has a neutral pH.

Q: How to polish stone table?
A: The main difference in the process between the stone table and floor is that we use “smaller” tools. This is a must, as the floor polishing machine is very heavy. Thus there is a chance for damaging your table.

Q: How to re-polish natural stone?
A: You need to start with proper deep floor cleaning. Then you can clearly see all floor damages and you proceed with the actual polishing. The main thing that you need to pay attention is to make sure that all scratches and scuffs are removed. It is very important to use proper tools.

Q: Which finish is best “Honed” or “Polished” Finish?
A: That is up to you, as both as are great options. The main difference is that the “Honed” one is with matte finish and less slippery. As for the “Polished” one is shinny and more slippery. We love both of them.

Q: Are you able to repair cracks on my stone surface?
A: Yes, our team is trained to repair cracks on your stone tiles, floor, countertops or any other natural floor.

Q: Are you able to remove stains from my stone worktop?
A: Understanding the type of the stain is the key for removing it. Our team is trained and works hard to remove any stain. However in some cases that is not possible as some stains are permanent.

Q: When applying sealer will my floor become slippery?
A: The application of floor sealer will not make your floor slippery. But it will protect it from damaged and lippages.

Q: How to clean natural stone on a daily bases?
A: To clean your floor on a daily bases use stone care cleaner, and a soft cloth. Never use vinegar acid cleaning products.

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