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Can I varnish floor without sanding?

Can I varnish floor without sanding?

Have you ever wonder whether you can varnish your hardwood floor without sanding it first?

The hardwood floors are great and we love it. However even with proper care, with the time the top layer fades away. They become no longer shiny and dull looking. And would replacing. That is why cleaning, maintenance and wood floor restoration is needed.

Reasons why to varnish your floor without sanding?

Here are couple reason why you need to varnish your floor without sanding:

  • you love taking on DIY projects
  • the floor has been sanded too many times in the past and it is too thin to be sanded again
  • it is much cheaper


Preparing the floor for the varnish

It is very important to prepare your floor properly for the varnishing procedure. Based on our experience we would recommend to empty the whole room or area. In the long run that will save you time since you would not move the furniture around. And most importantly you will be able to varnish the floor in “one go”.

       ☞ The first step is very important – to clean the floor. You can use damp rug and mop cleaner. Remember the varnishing detergent must be applied on clean surface only.

       ☛ The second step is also important – buff the top finish off. You must take the top layer of the old varnish off. For this procedure we recommend to use drywall sanding screen (number 20 will do great). What this procedure does is not to the floor but to take off the very top of the finish. Otherwise the new varnish will not”sink” naturally onto your floor.

? Tip – If you attach long pole on the end of the sanding screed you can work standing and you can cover more “ground” faster!

       ☞ The last step of the preparation is to clean floor again. You can use broom or hover (shop vac). And then mop the floor one more time.  


⚠️ Remember the proper preparation of the floor is half of the varnishing!


Applying of the varnishing detergent

Please note that It is very important to use mask and protection google and gloves! Remember safety first!

Before starting, make sure that you have enough detergent, so you can complete the whole floor at once.

Start by applying even coat of varnishing detergent. It is recommended to complete the whole floor at once. Otherwise there might be visible marks between the “the two parts”.
Once you  are done with the first coat. Please leave the property as the detergents are pretty smelly. It is best if you can leave fan working on.
The detergent should dry for a period of 6-12 hours – depending on the brand.

When the first coat has dried, you can continue with the application of the second  coat. Please follow the same procedure as applying the first coat.

Our recommendation will be to apply maximum 3 coats of varnishing detergent.

Now that you applied new coat on your floor you will have great looking floor again.

At any point of the process if you have any questions regarding varnished wooden floors or any other floor cleaning related questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us our professional floor cleaning company. We will be happy to provide you with FREE advise 🙂


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