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Builder’s tips on marble polishing

Builder’s tips on marble polishing

Marble floors are not only amazing and beautiful, but also a little bit difficult to be maintained. This is the reason why so many people prefer not to make any risky things and leave the marble polishing experts do their job without bothering. However, there is a way for you to embark this task, as well, without even a slight ruin for your floor. Marble floors might be tough, but with the right marble polishing technique. And who else except for the builder can know best what a marble floor needs to be fully disinfected, restored and refreshed? Speaking of which, we have spoken to a builder, who`s in charge for the marble floor repair in his company (will not tell company`s name), and he told us what to do in case of marble polishing emergency situation.

At first, as a mandatory and primary tips, our builder told us this: “Do not start marble polishing without making sure that the floor is extra clean”. This is because you need to see the faults among the stains at first and then, to know what you`ll have to repair. The polishing action is not possible without getting rid of the organic harsh stains, as well as the grease. Also, the builder named us the products never to use on our stylish marble floor surface – bleach and solid abrasives. Instead, use essential oils in a mixture with standard baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. The key to the successful marble polishing is to pre-treat it (after the sanitizing) with distilled white vinegar to increase the pH that will be later, minimized with proper natural polisher

And something else – as to the temperature of the liquid mixture yo prepare for the marble polishing. Have in mind that marble is a very pretentious material. It hates both – coldness and hotness. In all cases, the polishing product should be not so warm, but also not that cool. Keep the level of the temperature around the standard room temperature.

Ok, guys, thanks to our new friend, one good builder you can know polish your own marble floor!

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