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Are you going to concrete or not?

Are you going to concrete or not?

If you have concrete floors or you’re considering the funky idea to install concrete floors, here what you have to know about it.

First of all, concrete is extremely fashionable. Whether you apply concrete floors or walls or just only the colour, it’s looks modernistic and on-trend. Concrete reputation has changed a long time ago and now it’s not that ugly material but a bold innovation in our homes. It comes in various shades so you could match it with every other colour you choose for your furniture and decorations.

So, what are the pros and cons? If it hasn’t underfloor heating, it would be cold underfoot. And once a year it would need resealing. But it’s very easy to clean (using water only), really hardwearing and if you get tired of how it looks, you could diversify with different rugs or even carpet. If you already have an underfloor heating, it holds the heat great. And it looks great!

Installing concrete is much cheaper than stone and polishing and resealing is necessary.

Moreover, you would be afraid of scratching if you have stainless steel, burning – if you have wood or staining – if you have marble. You won’t have any of these worries, if you have properly sealed concrete floors or countertops. There are forms of concrete which resembles marble, so you could have fancy looking kitchen or bathroom. Also you could add colour to the mix when the floor is poured, so it’s not necessary to be grey and cold.

Concrete is often used in many industrial and office spaces, due to the above mentioned reasons. Maintenance is easy, even if the material is dull, it could become bright and shiny with a simple polishing.

So what now – are you going to concrete or not?

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