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Floor Spring Cleaning

Floor Spring Cleaning

The weather is warming up, the spring has finally come! It’s that time of the year again and everything should be freshened up. So, let’s not linger, floor maintenance is up to us and the sooner, the better…

What type of cleaning you’ll choose depends on the type of your floors.

Let’s check them out:

Vinyl flooring is the easiest to clean. If you considerately have installed vinyl floors, you have just to sweep and mop, using detergent by your choice. If you want to avoid the slippery, sudsy solutions, then use only water and few capfuls of ammonia and you’re ready.

Laminate floor cleaning better starts with vacuuming, using only the wand attachment. Then damp mopping is simply enough. If you insist to good fragrance in the room, use cleaning detergent, designed only for laminate.

Things are a little different and a little more difficult with hardwood floors. But don’t worry, cleaning is possible and not time consuming. Don’t apply any water, if your floor is not sealed. Water is enemy to the wood. But we assume that your floor is sealed and could bear some water, but even in this case, don’t over wet it. The safest way to clean hardwood floors is to put cleaning solution in a spray bottle and just spray onto it, then mop it with a dry mop or towel. Then take your time and wax it.

Be aware, never use one of the following products when cleaning any kind of hardwood floors: bleach, vinegar (or other acids), ammonia, oil-based or abrasive soap (or any abrasive chemicals), furniture wax or spray, water-based or acrylic wax. Invest in well-known, expensive detergent and good wax.

Carpet cleaning usually is done by professionals, because you could only soak the carpet, but they could also dry it. Vacuum the carpets before the cleaning specialists arrive and then just wait for them to finish their work.

The only thing that remains is to enjoy the results of your spring refreshment!

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