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How to clean sanded floor?

How to clean sanded floor?

Had your floors sanded and now you wonder how to clean the sanded floor?

We understand that you love your newly sanded floor and now you want to keep it clean and looking fresh for longer period of time.
There are lots of ways to keep a floor clean. Please note that the most important part is to not damage your floor while trying to clean it. Based on our experience thru the years we noticed that the simplest solution provide the best results.

Once your floor was sanded professionally and completed with proper varnish or oil. Then the below methods are perfectly suitable for you.

Simple solutions for keeping sanded floor clean

You can start with removing of any big items and any sharp objects that may scratch the floor. Then you can proceed with simple vacuuming of the floor. The vacuum cleaner will remove the top layer of the dust off the floor. Note that, you need to use the vacuum gently in order not to damage the floor. Please note that in case you damage the floor its best to call the floor professionals. If you try to repair the floor your self, there is a big chance that you may cause permanent damage. Those types of mistakes are costly, please do your best to avoid it.

The next step once you are done with the vacuuming. You can proceed with the other floor cleaning solution for your sanded floor. You can use simple floor cleaner with mop or damp rug. This is great way to remove dust off the floor. Please use only detergents that are recommended from the manufacture or the flooring technician. For example our floor sanding and polishing company always leaves instructions on how the particular floor must be cleaned maintained.

Tip: how to prevent an outside dust from getting into the room

Now you know how to keep your sanded floor clean and out of dust. However it is best if you can prevent getting dust from the inside.
Based on our experience we noticed that again the simple solution provide the best result.

You can place lightly damped door mat or other piece of cloth material at the front door. Small piece of carpet will do too. This simple method will prevent the dust coming in. (and it will safe you time for cleaning). Using natural mat is the best option – which is treated with no chemicals. This is important, as if treated (and pressed against the natural wood) may cause damage to the floor such as clouding or discoloration. Please note that this may resolve in having the whole floor to be sanded.

You can check this great article to find some great free wood floor maintenance and cleaning tips.

If you need any further information on how to keep your floors in great shape, do not hesitate to contact us for Free advise.

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