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How to clean your marble flooring

How to clean your marble flooring

Marble is, without any doubt, an expensive material. Its beauty as well as its purely practical properties are well-known. If you have invested a small fortune into installing marble floor at your home, you should do your best to protect it from any damages and negative factors which it is exposed to. The proper cleaning technique is essential for preserving its great condition for the years to come. The option of taking a random multi-purpose cleaning solution and starting scrubbing your marble floor is out of question.

  1. The first thing you have to be aware of is that marble is prone to scratching and therefore, you should use a mild brush or a microfiber cloth during cleaning. Don’t forget that marble polishing is an essential component of its maintenance, too.
  2. Although you will find a lot of cleaning solutions intended especially for marble surfaces, it does not necessarily mean you have to buy them all. On the contrary – you can make your own cleaning agent provided that you follow the rules below.
  3. Your marble cleaning solution should be pH neutral. Acids are enemies of your beautiful marble flooring. The most suitable cleaning solution should be a diluted mixture of ammonia and water. You can substitute the ammonia with mild dish soap. This solution can also be used for tile polishing.
  4. Dusting and mopping are the other important elements of the marble floor maintenance and you are required to perform them as often as needed. However, avoid the usage of a vacuum cleaner as it can cause scratches.
  5. Upon installing your marble floor, you must have been informed that it is a highly porous material, therefore it requires proper sealing. Unsealed marble floor is more prone to staining.

If you want to ensure optimal protection, you can also place a mat on the high traffic areas. Remember that if you take good care of your marble floors, you will enjoy their beauty and durability for a long time.

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