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How to prepare your floor for floor sanding

How to prepare your floor for floor sanding

You may think that regular cleaning of your floor is enough for keeping its good condition and look but that is not true in the long-term. If you notice any scratches and minor damages, then you should know that it is time for another type of maintenance. You have to think about to floor sanding. The first step to take is preparation.

You should not skip it if you want to have flawless results at the end! Check out how to prepare your flooring for floor sanding:

  1. Empty the room – the room must be absolutely empty, so get rid of all the furniture there. Do not forget about the carpets as well. If you can’t get them out for some reason, then you can keep them in the room but move them somewhere where they will not be stained. After all, floor sanding can get really messy and dusty.
  2. If your floor is made of wood, then remove any attachments such as nails, for instance. Before starting the procedure of floor sanding, you must have a completely flat floor – that is a very important condition. You are not able to get rid of all the nails? Do not worry, you can still punch them into the surface. That will also lead to a flat floor.
  3. Disinfecting – after you are done with the previous steps, you must clean up the floor thoroughly. In case there are any chemicals or oils on it, you must remove them before starting floor sanding. Use specialized cleaning detergents to make the surface spotless. Leave it for a while until it dries.

Remember that not only your hardwood floor but your concrete or stone floorings also need that type of care from time to time. Are you sure you can run floor sanding on your own? If that is going to be your first time and you have any doubts, then you’d better rely on some professional help. Do not take any risks if you want to have shiny and beautiful floor. That would save you lots of time, nerves and possible future trouble – don’t you think so?

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