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Marble polishing tricks that will make your life simple

Marble polishing tricks that will make your life simple

How do you maintain your marble floors? Do you approach the same way both – the floor in the living room and the marble titles in the bathroom? In all cases, the right marble polishing approach is as important as its cleaning. Some people either skip polishing marble, or do not approach it correctly. It is always a good idea to call the London marble polishing experts, but you can do this task, too. It is not so harsh and it does not take that long time. But before going straight to the supermarket to get material at hands for the procedure, see the following marble polishing tricks that will make your life simpler – or at least in moments, when floor task is ahead!

Since marble is a natural material and made mainly of calcium carbonate, applying acid products on it will be a disaster. Abrasives aren’t very beneficial for marble polishing, either. This means you need to forget about the universal home remedies like lemon juice and white vinegar, as well.

If you want to restore the whiteness of the surface, try this easy approach: get some child’s chalk and split it on the floor. The effect comes fast and stays for long. Rub finely and don’t vacuum at least for few days.

No matter how hard it is to believe it, ordinary dish soap remedy (mixed with distilled water) is completely enough for deep marble floor cleaning. All other commercial detergents might be too drastic for the surface. Besides, why bothering with spending so much money on a task you can perform with material at hand?

To polish marble floor on the go, when you expect guests and there is no time for pre-treatment, better use this trick: damp a mop finely with lukewarm water, where few drops of lavender essential oil are added in advance. The surface will be slippy at first, so make sure you protect your family by denying them access to the marble floor till it`s naturally dried.

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