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What is necessary for the floor cleaning?

What is necessary for the floor cleaning?

How often should we clean the floor?

With many pets and children in the house you have to clean the floor daily. It is simply unbelievable how much dirt from outside is dragged in our homes. Cats and dog shed hair and the oven makes dirt in the form of ash and also there is dirt from the chimney. The vacuum cleaner sucks out the most of it but since the vacuuming alone is not enough, often we have to uses steam cleaning.

Is vacuuming enough?

Most contaminations can be easily removed during the regularly maintenance accompanying our usual cleaning. Loosely removed dirt such as dust, fiber moss or paper waste can be easily get rid by vacuuming or sweeping.
Adhesive dirt stains, among which are most drink spills, chewing gum or foot traffic contamination can be removed only by steam cleaning.

Could dirt always be safely removed?

It may be necessary to perform mechanically cleaning with a stronger chemical solution. Contaminations often occur when the floors are prolongly exposed to shoe polish, tar, paint, ball-point pens, felt-tip pens, coffee or disinfectants containing iodine, for instance. The stains and the dyes soak into the coating and can only be removed with great difficulty or often not at all unless causing damage to the coating.

Polishing works on which floor?

As for some elastic coverings, the upper layer can be sanded with a pad and a basic cleaner during the floor polishing, followed by the re-sealing, which often makes the damage to the covering invisible.
However, this does not include the PVC and polyolefin linings, whereon the contaminations are very difficult to remove.

When to seal the floor?

For this reason, a newly laid linoleum floor should also be sealed before the painting and varnishing work, in order to prevent persistent damage to the flooring.

Floor polishing and sealing are standard procedures to enlong the durability and the clean look of your flooring. Ask your provider for floor cleaning and enjoy the results.

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