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Reasons to love your Interior polished concrete floors.

Reasons to love your Interior polished concrete floors.

Advantages of the interior polished concrete floors

Ever wonder whether to choose interior concrete polished floor for your home?

Back in the day the polished concrete floors had become largely popular within the commercial properties. The modern designers and UK home owners noticed some of its advantages. And in now days what has started as a trend in the commercial sector has shifted into kitchens, living rooms, home offices. We at Floor Sanding and Polishing London ltd, do have the expertise to convert your old or new dingy floor into the polished concrete floor of your dreams.

Below you can find some of the advantages of the interior polished concrete floors:

“Stay on the light side” with the polished concrete floor.

What we mean by that? When your concrete floor is polished it will become smooth and highly reflective. This will reflect the natural sunlight and your rooms will be much brighter, crisp, fresh and it will “stay on the bright side”. Of course the sunlight will also help to warm up your room.

Go with creative design that will completely transform your home.

The polished concrete created “hustle and bustle” within the interior designers. Mainly as it works and looks great in open plan spaces. You can choose between lots of great finishes and it partners great with steels. Take advantage of some the interior designers ideas and we will make it happen.

Interior polished concrete is very durable and sustainable choose.

Based on our experience the once the concrete floor is layed and polished properly may last a lifetime. This is some kind of eco-friendly type, as once installed does not need to be change for a great period of time.


example of proper concrete interior polishing

Maintenance of the concrete floor.

Another good site of the interior polished floor for our busy household is how easy is to maintain. In order to keep the floor dust free just go with quick sweeping and mop using light floor detergent. Every 3-5 years you the floor must undergo deep floor cleaning and sealant replacement. The period depends much on the usage of the floor

If you ever wonder what is the best floor detergents for your floor, do not hesitate to contact Floor Sanding & Polishing ltd our advises are always free 🙂 Our company has been in the concrete polishing business for more than 10 years now. We now how to treat your floor!

Our services are suitable for

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial spaces and offices
  • Showrooms
  • Galleries
  • Hotels

We cover the whole great are of London and in addition we also do cover Portsmouth, Brighton, Guildford and Southampton areas.
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