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Polishing ceramic tiles – a step-by-step guide

Polishing ceramic tiles – a step-by-step guide

Sometimes even thorough cleaning is not sufficient to get back the initial good appearance of your flooring. If that is what is happening to you right now, then you do not have to worry about your tile floor! Probably it just needs some polishing and it would be quite enough for full floor cleaning and restoration.

There are some essentials you have to know when it comes to polishing your tile floors and tile counter tops. Here is our step-to-step guide for you – check it out:

1. Rinse – once you have dealt with the stains, you have to rinse of the residues of scum and soap. Just spray some water on the tiles – you can do it with a spray bottle as well. Make sure you dry the floor very well as you wipe it up with a soft clean towel.
2. Presoak – first, begin with presoaking. Apply the special tile cleaner and leave it to work for at least fifteen minutes. In this way, the detergent will penetrate in the surface and will be able to remove any type of stains completely.
3. Scrub – get a sponge and use it to scrub away the spots. Keep in mind to avoid abrasive cleaning agents because they could damage your flooring. Be careful, because in such a case floor restoration would become extremely difficult.
4. Spray your countertops/buff your floor– get a spray bottle of furniture polish and use it on your countertops. However, do not use this detergent on your tile floors, because it will make it slippery. There is something else you should do in order to achieve good results in floor restoration. It comes to buffing – keep on doing it until you remove all the previous coat of polish. You will understand it when the tiles become shiny and bright again.

Well, last but not least, you should take a good care of your floor. Floor restoration is not a process which must be done only a single time. You will need to run polishing repeatedly at least once a month. That is the real secret to having a beautiful and impressive tile floors at home!

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