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Refinishing your wood floor on your own is not a good idea. Find out why!

Refinishing your wood floor on your own is not a good idea. Find out why!

If you are about to refinish your wood floor, then you are probably considering your variants right now. Should you do that on your own or call a professional wood sanding company? Which one will come out cheaper?
Well, if you turn this procedure into a DIY project, then it will cost you less money, but it is not for sure. The downside is that such a move is pretty risky. Is it worth it?
Here is why you should not refinish your wood floor on your own:

  1. The first step to take is rebuffing your finish – rebuffing, in general, means removing the topcoat of the surface. By the time, it easily get scratched and stained but the wood underneath remains healthy. The professionals have all the necessary equipment to handle that. If you have used oil soap for cleaning and you have waxed your floor previously, then the experts will have to remove any residues first. For you, these residues will cause you big problems and will slow down your work.
  2. Sanding – you must agree that wood floor sanding which is done professionally is better than the alternative. This is a really messy, dirty and tough job and requires special tools – sanders and sandpaper with different grits. When it comes to the latter, buying them may be expensive. If you are not confident what type of sandpaper to pick, then you may get the wrong one. It will get damaged and you will have to go back to the store for another one. This could be an endless unpleasant experience for you, which will cost you much money and time.
  3. Applying finish – there are lots of mistakes that could be done if you apply finish on your own. It is a delicate process which needs much patience and certain knowledge. First, what kind of sealant to use? Whether it should be water based of polyurethane varnish? In most cases, there must be more than one layers applied, especially if you want to change the look of your wood floor. The experts are aware of all the factors which may affect the process one way or another. If you want flawless results, then you’d better leave this job to them.

Refinishing a wood floor is actually a simple task for the professionals in floor maintenance. It takes up to 5 days usually and up to 2 weeks if there are any complications. If you feel even a bit hesitant about renovation your floor on your own, then you should think about using expert services – you won’t regret it!

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