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Spring Cleaning Tips For Floors

Spring Cleaning Tips For Floors

Annual spring cleaning can be annoying and overwhelming, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can significantly ease your work.

Low Maintenance Laminate Floors

  • Wipe the spills immediately
  • Remove any loose dirt with a vacuum without the beater bar or use a dust mop
  • Try not to use excessive water, as it could cause separation or bucking
  • Apply only quality, soap-free cleaners

Freshening Up The Carpets

  • Place mats at all the entrances of your home – this can help prevent soiling and absorb moisture
  • Be prepared with the suitable detergents to clean the accidents quickly. Otherwise, you might cause more harm than favour to your carpets
  • Vacuum once or twice a week, and more often in heavy traffic areas. Pay special attention to areas where you and your family eat
  • Have all your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned every year. Spring is a great time to plan such a cleaning. We highly recommend a hot water extraction method or or as it’s called –  steam cleaning

Durable Tile Floors

  • Add protective pads to the legs of the furniture
  • Don’t use steam mops. High temperature causes damage to the joints and tiles
  • Always clean with a damp mop to avoid build up of grime, mildew and mold
  • Dry tiled floor thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel

Keeping Hardwood Floors Beautiful

  • Use a cleaning detergent specially designed for hardwood floors to clean them safely
  • Dust, sweep or vacuum with the hard-floor attachment once or twice a week
  • Wipe away any food and drink spills and the build up dirt immediately when they appear
  • Don’t use steam mop or abrasive detergents and tools to avoid scratches and damages to your floor

Whether you have Laminate, Carpet, Tile or Hardwood Flooring, it is important to know how properly to clean and maintain them. And now it’s time to put these spring cleaning tips into action!

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