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Tips for proper wood floor maintenance

Tips for proper wood floor maintenance

Taking care of your wood floor must begin immediately after installation. Whether it is covered with lacquer, oils or even is without a finish, there are some special procedures which must be done sometimes – such as wood floor sanding. Here is what you should know in this regard:

  • To keep the room with parquet floor clean, use a vacuum cleaner. The use of wet wipes is not recommended, but if you still want to ‘wash’ the floor, then use a slightly wet cloth. Hardwood floors, in general, do not tolerate water. So if you spill anything on your flooring, you must dry and remove the spot right away.
  • Cleaning of wooden floors does not require use of any aggressive detergents. Avoid paint thinners or any cleaning products, containing alcohol, gasoline and similar substances.
  • The finish creates a thin layer on the surface, which protects it against the penetration of moisture and impurities. If you want to restore an area of your flooring with an oil or wax coating, then you need to polish just the damaged part without going through all the coverage. However, if you have decided to renovate your wooden floor, then make sure you start with floor sanding.
  • Your varnished wooden floor could be easily sanitized with special detergents, which can be found in the form of aerosols or concentrates. A distinctive feature of these products is that they are chemically neutral to the lacquer, so the probability to harm your floor is close to zero.
  • No matter how durable and qualitative your floor is, after some time worn areas, minor scratches and other defects will inevitably appear. For this reason, you need to periodically refresh your flooring. This is true, especially if you have pets or small kids at home. If you are thinking about wood floor sanding, then you should consider using professional floor restoration services.
  • If your polished parquet loses its initial shine, then you can treat it with a special agent called a refresher. In order to protect the flooring from moisture, it is recommended to buff it once every few months.

Caring for hardwood floors does not include any complex actions. If you do it regularly and correctly, then the life of your beautiful wood floor will be unlimited!

Conclusion on how to maintain your wood flooring

Our professional advise to follow the below general cleaning time schedule:

Weekly –  dust and clean the wood flooring on a weekly bases. Its important not to miss any places. Microfiber cloth work best.

Monthly – Use proper flat headed spay mop. Make sure that you use professional approved mop.

Every 6 month – Apply floor wax or re-polish the floor. This will keep your floor nice and fresh looking.

Every 3 to 5 years – Depending on the traffic on your floor. Its best to renovate the whole floor. On wood floors that receive standard traffic this period is between 3-5 years.

If you follow the above schedule strictly your will save time, money and most importantly. You will not have to replace the whole floor with new one. As your original floor will be in great shape. Since the maintenance procedure for wood floor is not very simple. Our advise is to call the professional wood floor cleaning experts. We will maintain your floor up to high standard. Thus your floor will be clean and fresh at all times!

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