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What to clean white grout with?

What to clean white grout with?

Ever wonder what is the easiest method for white grout cleaning? Well we have good news for you! You came to the right place.

We are gonna share the secret of the home grout cleaning and on top of that this will cost you less than £10.00.

Life hack, how to clean your white grout at home for really cheap.

Doesn’t matter whether you live alone, own a house pet or you are a big family. Eventually the grout on the floor or in your bathroom will get dirty and will need to be cleaned. The truth is nobody likes to clean grout. Going down on your knees, scrubbing the floor with that small brush, trying not to damage the grout…  Yeah, as we said no body likes that type of floor cleaning.

Based on our years of experience we found out the simple cleaning methods sometimes makes your life much and the cleaning of your property much easier. Here is small life hack that will save you time and will bring back the former glory of your floor grout back. The stain removal detergent Varnish will make the cleaning of your white grout much easier. grout cleaning

How to clean the white grout?

First start with broom and dust pan. Make sure that the floor is clean.

Depending on the size of the floor (i.e. grout size). Pour 2-3 cups of Varnish into your mop bucket and stir the water. The next step is to thoroughly mop the  whole floor. Please pay special attention to the cleaning of the white grout. Leave the floor to dry. Change the water in your mop bucket and repeat the cleaning procedure of the grout.

What result to expect?

Once you complete the floor cleaning, you will notice that the grout will clean and shiny. This super cheap method for grout cleaning shows great results. And the best things that you can find it in almost every store.

Please note that this is cleaning method that you can use for personal use. We at Floor Sanding & Polishing as a professional floor cleaning company use commercial detergents and professional equipment. If you have any questions or you are not satisfied with the cleaning result of the grout. You can always contact us. We will be happy to provide you with free advise.


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