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Why is floor oiling the best choice for wooden floors?

Why is floor oiling the best choice for wooden floors?

Every smart home owner knows that if their floor is well maintained, it will stay good looking for decades. If you monitor the regular traces of wear and tear, you will realize that the floor is weared out mostly from walking traffic. What is best sealing option for the hard wood floors? Not surprising, it’s oiling. Let’s consider the reasons for that.

Floor oil applied on wood gives the floor mild look and feeling of organic, untreated wood. The oil penetrates inside the wood, enhancing the lustre and the colour. The surface would become then really durable, and in result perfect for heavy traffic sectors. When properly maintained, the floor treated with oil will stay more tough and wear enduring, and greater looking with every year passing by, without being necessary to sand the surface to bare wood once again.

Speaking aesthetically, the penetrating oil gives a natural look to the hardwood floor. This is possible because the oil embeds into the wood. And unlike varnish, oil doesn’t create a plastic layer to cover the floor, but therefore you should be careful with the use of more corrosive detergents. Oil-treating is possibly the best choice for low-sheen finishing.

When you decide to seal your floor with oil, you have to know its qualities first. Oil is slow drying, but has great preservative properties. You can even wax the floor after oiling, because the it has hardened already the floor and the surface has become water resistant. As a result you’ll have smooth floor system, that can be easily maintained, swept and washed.

Compared to water-based polys, oil-based cost twice as cheap.Oil gives the wood rich glow, while the water-based polyurethane impart cold lookin appearance. Penetrating oil allows the warm wooden effect to stand out. Also hardwood floor finished with oil method feels warmer under feet.

If you have already chosen oil sealing for your floors, you need to know it is tricky to apply. So you have to find someone who knows how to do it. Have them do it.

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